That which is heard. That which is remembered

The series of projects below explore how digital design techniques can make Storytelling more effective and engaging. I wanted to explore how certain traditional Indian storytelling formats fading into obscurity can be revived through the use and reach of technology, or how can newer alternative formats be used to convey stories in an effective manner.


The Kathasaritsagar, also known as the Ocean of the Streams of Stories is an 11th-century Sanskrit text. It contains multiple layers of stories within stories. This is a visual adaptation of the Kathasaritsagar using the visual styles and motifs of the ‘Pattachitra’ paintings. As you go deeper into the stories, the visual style evolves and grows, while keeping the Pattachitra as a base.


Utsav is a prototype of an experimental web-publication that employs a non-linear narrative structure inspired from the Indian art form of 'Pattachitra' & the larger non-linear narrative structure of Indian storytelling in general. It presents all themes and sub-topics related to a larger topic on the screen at once, giving the user the choice to scroll into and move around each of them independently adn create their own hierarchy in the narrative.


A digital translation of a traditional Indian storytelling device. A Kavad is a miniature cupboard with multiple panels that contain illustrations which tell a story. The digital translation of this device is a website that lets you open and explore and dive deeper into digital panels filled with traditional Kavad illustrations.


Cheriyal scroll paintings are narrative pictures painted on cloth that were used by traditional storytellers of Telangana. The scroll would flow like a film roll. It was generally about 3 feet in width and went up to 40 – 45 feet in length, depending upon the story. This app lets you experience the storytelling of Cheriyal scroll paintings for yourself no matter where you are. Just open the app, select a story and point your camera at a large flat surface like a wall or a table.


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